As a client of SAF VISUAL you are assured of high-quality services. We like to see ourselves as your partner who thinks along with your company and makes a proactive contribution to your business.

Our service model is simple: we want to go further where others stop. In order to shape our collaboration we offer you extra service by means of quick scanning on premise, tooling, interim DPOs, ICT experts & lawyers and high-end privacy security professionals.

How much service you get depends on the level of service you choose. As a customer of the ‘plus‘ service level you are entitled to the ‘at your service‘ package and we carry out an quick scan inventory.

Would you like to use our expertise at a distance for even more service and for a fixed amount per month? Then choose the premium package!

Are you ready for a DPO / CISO on location with the continuity of the entire SAF VISUAL team? In that case our “corporate” package is the best choice for you. Do you need help in choosing a package? Request a free intake to give you custom made advise.

What help do you need?

With our free intake you will get a clear GDPR picture where your organization stands in managing (sensitive) personal data and how our services will benefit in contributing to your customers trust.
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Hour rates
11 – 40
41 – 59
60 or more

We work on an hourly basis, but if you expect to need a larger number of hours, you can purchase an value hour card. You pay this in advance and receive a discount based on the number of purchased hours. Clipping cards are valid for 12 months unless otherwise agreed.

Our subscriptions

Take a subscription to be insured for a long time for good help. You already have an annual subscription from € 1250, -! </ strong>

Service Level Plus Premium Corporate
Helpdesk   (4)    (4)   
Legal scan    (4)    (4)   
Baseline scan GDPR requirements (one-off)    (2)    (2)   
Begeleiding AVG-verbeterplan en coördinatie adviezen    (4)   
In-house training    (8)   
Registration DPO *   
Privacy audit (quarterly)    (10)   
Interim DPO (weekly)   
Corporate file DPO   
Subscription type Year subscription Quarterly terminable Monthly terminable
On request we provide the company certification (NOREA/EuroPrise)
We also assist in negotiating a Data Processing Contract