The Master Class Privacy is intended for future Data Protection Officers at public and private organizations. The Master Class leads to certified Data Protection Officer in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and devotes attention to the organizational, information technical, security, legal framework and audit required for a certificate of the organization.

In addition to this program, there is a separate program for Assistant Data Protection Officer. This training is intended for organizations that do not need their own FG, but want to be compliant and want to use an external FG.

For managers and professionals in the organization, who are or will be responsible for privacy regulations. This responsibility requires insight into the structure of the organization, the associated procedures and supervision. This is a very specific task that requires specialized training.

Data Protection Officer Assistant Data Protection Officer Awareness training
Master level Bachelor level MBO+
Theory and practice Practice oriented Practice oriented
Two seminars of 6 half-days, plus preparatory study and final paper Two seminars of two sessions, plus preparatory study Webinar + electronic material
Total 140 hours study Total 40 hours study 1 hour Webinar, 2 hours preparation
Includes study material and
Includes study material and facilities Includes study material and facilities

Training courses are offered on three levels.

Certification (Assistant) Masterclass DPO

In case of a satisfactory assessment of the final project, a participant in the master class DPO will receive a certificate and you will be entered in the DPO register. At present, the Netherlands does not yet have a central register for the DPO members. SAF VISUAL is in close consultation with the European authorities and supervisors to come to a (European) DPO register and to determine the final attainment levels of programs such as the above-described study program.

SAF VISUAL also offers the possibility of European AVG / GDPR business certification of products and services of organizations.


Privacy management on the basis of the AVG within the organization requires an increased awareness of all employees who have to deal with the processing of personal data. Awareness training is therefore an important part of demonstrable privacy compliance for organizations.

Via a set of AVG Webinars the participant is announced with the necessary basic information. Part of the Webinars are tests that ensure that the employee who follows the Webinar can determine whether he or she has understood the information. To ensure that this information is actually used and correctly applied, afternoons are organized periodically. In a group of approximately at least 10 participants / employees, the information is discussed on the basis of case studies (own experiences) and the application is dealt with.