About us


In complex times we believe in cohesion, transparency, action learning and visual thinking. The triangle is the basis for our collaboration and the foundation to the solution of your problem. Contracts are relationships and are programmable. Privacy is a fundamental right and the basis for every transaction worldwide.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the European A-brand for end-to-end Privacy Management Solutions in joint collaboration with our customers. We therefore like to be frontrunner in adapting innovative developments in order to deliver affordable, best-fit and solution-oriented process guidance at highest standards.

What does SAF VISUAL do?

SAF VISUAL designs best fitting implementation solutions for your privacy compliance issues. With our unique SAF VISUAL PMS© Methology combining theory, practice and action learning in a flexible service model, you can create value with our solutions tomorrow.

As a European A-brand, we raise the bar with Privacy Management solutions

We are pioneers and experts in Privacy Compliance Services and use the latest available insights, best pratice implementation expertise and technologies for your benefit. We have Academic Research programmes with acclaimed researchers to implement evidence based solutions. We practise what we preach and promote knowledge sharing, action learning and contribute to bachelor and master education programmes.

With our SAF VISUAL PMS© Methology, we make an all-round photo of your organization, in order to familiarize yourself with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and supporting you in a smart way with our innovative GDPR registry proving GDPR compliance. We work in a cooperative model with highly acclaimed expert partners for ICT Security, Blockchain, R&D, Organizational Science, eHRM. In this way we guarantee evidence based, end-to-end sustainable solutions.

We are specialized in tailor-made GDPR transitions, certified GDPR Privacy audits (NOREA/ISO) and Masterclass DPO courses and inhouse training programmes. We deliver a unique GDPR register design which makes you demonstrably compliant.

Our core team

Sebastien Daniels

Sebastien Daniels LL.M.

Owner & Managing Director

Steef Peeters

Prof.dr. Steef Peters

Programmemanager –
Masterclass Dataprotection Officer

Henk Fernald

Henk Fernald